This is a great, quick start for beginning instrumentalists. Our beginning program for aspiring instrumentalists age 10+ who have little to no experience on their chosen instrument. No previous experience is necessary. 

The Standard of Excellence Method Book 1 is required.  


A program for instrumentalists with two years or less of playing experience on their instrument. This program is great for players who aren't beginners, but haven't yet developed the range and embouchure needed for more difficult music.

Participants will be auditioned. The Standard of Excellence Method Book 2 is required.  


A more advanced program for instrumentalists with three or more years of playing experience on their instrument. This program is great for players who have mastered harder rhythmic concepts and embouchure range and are ready for a challenging, full band experience. Music will be provided.


Our most advanced program for instrumentalists who have developed significant mastery of their instrument. Music selections will include a wide variety of styles and challenges for participants. This program provides a unique opportunity for students to get an intense band experience that will stretch and improve their skills. Participants will be auditioned. Music will be provided.  

In addition to the above ensembles, orchestral string players are offered intensive and varied experience tailored to their playing level. Evening rehearsals are split into three levels of string orchestra: Overture, Divertimento, and Sinfonietta. Players are placed in the group that best meets their musical needs, as determined by their Monday camp audition. Music will be provided.  


String Orchestras

Our vocal programs are automatically included in the cost and schedule of each student's day. 


This is a choral music experience offered to weave fun musical activities with age-appropriate songs for young students 12 and under.



This gospel choral experience, directed by Garen L. Wolf, director emeritus of God's Bible College, is included in camp as a bonus to the daily instrumental programs. This large musical ensemble is a great opportunity for students ages thirteen and older, to experience the thrill of singing full gospel orchestrations.