BEGINNING BAND                                    

Michelle Probst

BA in Christian School Music Education

God’s Bible School and College


Lucas Ryder    

MM Piano Performance

Indiana State University

"Band Camp is vital for young musicians because it provides an opportunity for continued musical growth during summer months. It gives students the chance to play in larger or more diverse groups than they have access to at home, which can be very inspiring! I love teaching at band camp because I believe in the positive benefits of involvement in music and the practical ministry opportunities for musicians of all abilities and ages."

Intermediate BAND 

Dr. John Anthony    

DMA Trumpet Performance

University of Georgia

"My first experience with camp was a parent, and I was impressed with the manner in which the students were shown Christian love by the staff and faculty. Each instructor here is well-qualified and demonstrates a strong desire to facilitate learning in their students. The workers at this  camp model excellence and passionately instruct students musically and spiritually. I count it a real privilege to serve at this camp!"

Advanced BAND 

Garen L. Wolf     

MM Clarinet Performance

Pittsburg State University

"I have been the Advanced Band director for so many years I can't remember when I began!

What makes this camp unique is that it is a CHRISTIAN fine arts music camp, and I consider it an honor to be involved with these young Christian musicians."



MM Trumpet Performance

Miami University

"I invest time at Band Camp because I love teaching students to play instruments. Band Camp is an enriching and life-changing event for students of all levels.

This event is the highlight of my summer and it's a blessing to be a part of such a highly-qualified staff that love God and love music."

David Hartkopf

string orchestra

Rachelle DeStefano
Director of Strings

MM Violin Performance

Miami University

"I look forward to working with the strings every year, because it is a wonderful way for us to grow musically, within the context of Christian living. We are stretched in a lot of ways: playing with the winds, playing string orchestra and chamber music, and working on technique on an individual level."

Crystal Powers
Assistant Director

BA in BA in Christian School Music Education

God’s Bible School and College